Hunting and fishing have been a part of life for the people in and around Albany for hundreds of years. From the twang of an arrow, to the splash of a net and the blast of a gun, hunting and fishing in the area were first introduced as mere survival. Today it is a multi-million dollar industry.

Hunters choose their game from whitetail deer, turkey, dove, quail, duck and feral hogs. Hunting seasons follow the specific dates and bag limits set by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.


Collins Creek Ranch 325-762-3940
Big Country Kennel 325-762-0484
Stasney Cook Ranch 888-762-2999
Nail Ranch Adventures 325-762-2974
Big Game Management 325-762-4441

Dustin Parsons 325-338-3051

Mill Creek Hunting Co. 325-762-3597

KW Taxidermy 325-262-3878



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